Our Story

2015, Where It All Began.


Amir’s earthful journey started on a 77-acre vegan farm on the Big Island, Hawaii.


You may be thinking: how on earth did he end up there? Well, after being introduced to several insightful books about environmental degradation and living off the land (“Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein, “Stung” by Lisa-ann Gershwin to name a few), Amir decided to move away from London in search of a more natural, environmentally friendly lifestyle. He came across the opportunity to ‘WOOF’ in Hawaii, so packed his bags and set off for the sunny shores. Amir spent the next few months growing food and harvesting crops by day and studying permaculture and sustainability by night.


Virtues of Living off The Land.

On the island, Amir had worked extensively with bamboo and coconut fibre, which led to him questioning why these amazing natural alternatives to plastic were so underutilized in the production of health and beauty products.


These experiences gave him a new perspective. A deeper insight into the virtues of eco-living and making positive, sustainable lifestyle choices. Amir wanted to make a change and understood that even the smallest steps could make a difference. So, upon his return to London, he took his first small step: replacing his single-use plastic toothbrush to an eco-friendly alternative. However, he wanted to do more.


No more landfill. No More Single Use.


Amir spent the next few months researching into natural raw materials and how these materials could replace plastic in the production process for some of the most commonly used household products. No more landfill. No more single use. He eventually came across “Moso”, a particularly durable and highly sustainable species of bamboo, and the idea for a range of bamboo products were set in motion.

Earthful, Sustainable Alternative.


And so, the story of earthful begins. The name “earthful” was chosen because it reflects the company’s mission: An earth full of sustainable, organic, plant-based health and beauty products. Moreover, as Amir’s first “small step” had been to replace his bathroom products, launching a range of health and beauty products was the obvious choice, starting with the iconic bamboo toothbrush.



We now have several eco-friendly bamboo and coconut-based products in development, so watch this space!

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